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Call 833-696-0602

Biodel AG Finalist in New Energy Challenge

October 26, 2023

Biodel AG is proud to announce our Finalist role in the New Energy Challenge (NEC) competition! Jointly organized by RockstartShellUnknown Group and YES!Delft, NEC offers a platform for cutting-edge innovators to develop emerging technologies that promote sustainability. As a Finalist, we have joined a variety of workshops and training sessions during an exciting accelerator program. We are working with investors and experts during this final phase of the challenge, unlocking knowledge, contacts, and support. The winning companies may be awarded a collaboration or funding to further scale their business. We are off to Amsterdam early November to pitch to the judges.

Cheer Biodel Ag on to ultimately scale Sequester! Together, we can improve global health and sustainability within the food supply chain.  In sequestering atmospheric carbon and placing it in soil, we envision a world where landowners are empowered to be part of the solution to climate change and greater economic resilience and security. 

Learn more about the NEC competition here.