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Biodel AG Secures Series A Investment from Pangaea Ventures

September 13, 2023

September 13, 2023 – Maricopa, Arizona – Biodel Ag, Inc., a regenerative agriculture company, today announced closing its Series A financing round led by Pangaea Ventures Ltd, a renowned venture capital firm with a focus on advanced materials and clean technology. The funding will support Biodel AG’s commitment to accelerating commercialization of novel solutions aimed at enhancing soil health, optimizing water utilization, improving nutrient efficiency, and sequestering carbon emissions from the atmosphere. As part of this financing, Janelle Goulard, a respected partner at Pangaea Ventures, has joined Biodel AG’s board of directors.

Ben Cloud, CEO of Biodel AG, stated, “This strategic investment by Pangaea Ventures solidifies Biodel AG’s position as a leader in regenerative agriculture and underscores our unwavering dedication to addressing the urgent challenges of our time. Pangaea’s investment not only validates our vision but also equips us with the resources needed to expedite our commercial progress. We firmly believe that our biological agriculture products represent the most compelling and cost-effective solution for sequestering substantial volumes of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses from our atmosphere while revitalizing depleted soils.”

The agricultural practices of the 20th century have had detrimental effects on our soil, transforming it into mere dirt, depleting crucial soil microbes and carbon content, and impeding the capacity of plants to absorb water and nutrients due to salt accumulation. Vibrant, healthy soils require less water, reduced fertilizer inputs, promote a sustainable food supply, and play a pivotal role in capturing atmospheric carbon. Biodel AG is dedicated to reestablishing sustainability within our food supply chain while enabling the sequestration of greenhouse gasses through cutting-edge biological products, ultimately revitalizing soil health and functionality, and bolstering plant vitality.

“We recognize the immense value of Biodel AG’s innovative regenerative agriculture solutions, which promise to rebuild the earth’s depleted soil and its biodiversity in order to reverse climate change,” said Janelle Goulard, Pangaea Ventures partner. “Funding will enable Biodel AG to accelerate its transformative work, further solidifying the company’s role in building a sustainable future.”

About Biodel AG, Inc. 

Biodel AG, Inc is the developer of biological ingredients for the crop protection industry. Ingredients are suitable for regenerative agriculture and certified organic growers. The company also manufactures Sequester®, a liquid, non-toxic biological soil amendment that is applied to depleted soils to restore soil function. Sequester is a regenerative tool that restores the soil’s ability to capture CO2 from the atmosphere to reverse the effects of climate change. For more information, visit:

About Pangaea Ventures

Pangaea Ventures is the world leader in hard tech and impact investing, with offices in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and Phoenix, AZ, USA. With over two decades of hard tech impact investing experience, Pangaea’s portfolio includes companies that are solving fundamental challenges that impact the world including climate change, global food security, access to clean water and poor health outcomes. For more information, visit: