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Meet Biodel AG and our primary product, Sequester®

July 15, 2022

Biodel AG manufactures Sequester®, a unique product used to restore soil health and transition AG Lands to regenerative practices.   Today, commercial AG producers are faced with diminishing returns, drought conditions and rising input and energy costs.  To resolve these issues, soil health and function must be restored to use less water, less fertilizer, and less horsepower to grow crops profitably.

Biodel AG is raising capital to expand production capacity and market Sequester® on a broad scale in 9 Western States and Northern Mexico totaling 30 million acres of degraded soils.  Sequester is marketed online, as well as a network of Crop Consultants, AG Retailers, and AG Distributors.  An initial emphasis on this market area is expected to generate product awareness that will open significantly greater sales opportunities.

Biodel AG will expand marketing efforts towards the residential, landscape and small farm users with a focus on carbon sequestration to reduce water and fertilizer applications.  For commercial AG producers, the emphasis is improved water use efficiency, greater nutrient uptake, salinity management, and carbon sequestration that is measurable with annual analysis of Soil Organic Carbon.

Biodel AG manufactures the two key ingredients in the Sequester® formulation – Cyanoblend®, a proprietary blend of cyanobacteria strains; and Isoprenoid Amino Complex®, a patented plant extract that enhances the biological functions of soil and crops.  These ingredients assure an environment of high margins and profitability for Biodel AG while providing an economical solution to degraded soils for our customers.

Sequester® is needed now to 1) restore soil health and function to reduce water and fertilizer use; and 2) transition AG Lands to regenerative practices to sequester carbon from the atmosphere

Biodel AG’s focus on Feeding People while Mitigating Global Warming.

Biodel AG is focused on the growing shift to regenerative practices by AG Land owners and operators.  Today, less than 5% of 450 million intensively farmed acres in the USA is operated under regenerative practices.  That is approximately 22.5 million acres.  Yet in order to effectively sequester large volumes of CO2 annually, and comply with the Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050, we need to shift the balance of acreage in a very short 28 years.  There are some economic predictions that Trillions of dollars will be spent to incentivize the transition of farmland to regenerative practices.  Biodel AG is well positioned to benefit from this transition.

Practically all AG Lands are in a degraded state as soil organic carbon content has declined by 40 – 60% according to the Soil Institute[1].  Regenerative practices are generally built around the establishment and maintenance of the soils’ microbial biomass by grazing animals or compost applications. The problem is there is not enough demand for grazing animals, nor an adequate supply of compost from confined animal feeding operations to transition a significant part of the  farmland in the USA to regenerative practices.

Sequester® offers commercial AG producers an economical means to reclaim degraded soils and make the transition.  The unique characteristics of Cyanoblend®, the primary ingredient in Sequester®, displace the need for grazing or the expense of applying tons of compost per acre, even if it was available in the quantity necessary.  Sequester is a concentrated liquid that can be applied with current equipment on any crop at any time.

Biodel AG offers two application strategies: 1) Microbial Soil Reclamation.  A multiple application and multiple year strategy to transition to regenerative practices and accumulate many tons of atmospheric carbon in the soil and optimize soil function for the highest possible water use efficiency, nutrient availability, and sustainability; or 2) Micro Cover Crop.  A single crop strategy for growers who seek the benefits of a terrestrial cover crop yet lack the time or resources yet want to begin transitioning to regenerative practices or simply maintain soil health and function.  

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